Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Saron & Meron’s Love Story

Saron and her fiancé, Meron, reached out to me because they knew I was up for an adventurous engagement shoot. We hiked up to the Imperial Sand Dunes in Imperial, California to capture their unique love story in a truly epic fashion. Their love story took many years to unfold, but the beauty that came from their seemingly fated romance shines brightly through their stolen glances, sweet smiles, and adventurous attitudes. Saron always told herself that she didn’t want to date a man who doesn’t love Jesus, and thanks to her patience and obedience to God, she found just that and more in her other half Meron. Saron and Meron met in 2014 on Facebook. He was living in Canada and she was living in Phoenix. They spent two years doing nothing but Facebook messaging and discussing their shared interest in their faith. While they quickly grew to trust one another, they still kept their communications limited to Facebook messages about platonic subjects. Finally, after two long years of friendly messaging, an innocent game of “Truth or Dare” forced them each to admit that they had both fallen in love with one another during their conversations. Still, it took two more months for them to exchange phone numbers. A short while after that, Meron asked Saron if he could make a detour in Phoenix to finally meet in person before he attended his cousins wedding in St Louis. Saron decided to take matters into her own hands; she declined his offer and instead decided to surprise him in St Louis.
 Two days before Meron’s cousin’s wedding, Saron arrived in St Louis with only her best friend, Mary, in on her secret. She convinced Meron to meet up with Mary at the airport while telling him that she herself was still at home in Phoenix. Meron nearly ruined her plan when he initially started to leave the airport before Mary got the chance to meet up with him, but luckily Saron was able to convince him to wait. Mary went inside to meet Meron while Saron waited in the car. While Mary and Meron talked, Saron ran inside suddenly and grabbed onto him hugging him tightly! Adorably, Meron’s initial reaction, because he couldn't yet see her face while she hugged on to him, was that of “Hold on, I have a girlfriend! Who are you?” until Saron looked up and said “Surprise!” They both embraced tightly while Meron was left wondering if this was even real; he was so elated. Seeing the excitement and adoration on his face in that moment made Saron fall even more in love with him.
 After their first time meeting each other, well over two years after they first met on Facebook, Meron visited Phoenix twice to see Saron. The second time, he brought a ring. Saron told me that they “travel together, laugh together, cry together, [hope they] die together”. They both praise God for introducing them and bringing them each a “beautiful soulmate”. Patience is a virtue that they both took very seriously and it paid off very well for them. This beautiful couple will be married on December 23rd, 2018.

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