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Today I had the opportunity to meet two beautiful twin newborns who will get to spend their first few weeks of life growing in the NICU. It was a humbling experience to see that much beauty and determination is such a minute package. Their tiny little fingers clung on to their parents as if to say "hang in there mom and dad, we're doing fantastic and we will be home so soon." These little warriors, Tessa and Carter, knew exactly what Mom and Dad needed to stay calm and soothed.

Before heading to the hospital this morning I asked a group of premie mothers to tell me something positive about their experience in the NICU. This is what they had to say...

"Heart pounding moments turned into heart fluttering memories. While it was happening I felt so dark and helpless and scared, but the whole experience made us all stronger. Miracles were performed there and I will forever cherish those memories and the nurses!"


"I gave birth to my hero!!!!"


"Every ounce gained is a victory!"

-La Donna

"I was able to meet my son nearly 2 months before he was due. He has taught me so much about fighting, even when he had so much to fight against. He is my inspiration."


"I learned that feeding tubes save lives and nurses are angels in scrubs"


"I learned so much about myself by seeing my sweet baby connected to all her wires and witnessing her strength. It definitely taught me how to be a stronger person. And it put alot of stuff into perspective for me." -Amber

"My NICU baby is 6 next month. She went through more in her first month of life than most do in a lifetime. She is my hero and my miracle. And the nurses at the NICU are some of my most loved friends. They help teach me to be a mom."


"1 pound 6oz was all in took for my heart to fall in love."


I myself was not a NICU mother but have befriended many since having my son. NICU mothers are some of the strongest people I know and Lana is no different. Meeting with her today she displayed nothing but calmness, confidence and joy in her tiny miracles. It was a pleasure to watch her and her husband hold these babies as if they had done it a million times before and it was wonderful to be able to capture this moment in time for them.

In a few weeks once these little ones graduate from the NICU we will be following up with an in-home photoshoot which I can not wait to share with you all.

I hope everyone reading has a wonderful weekend.


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