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Canvas Creations with Art Resin

Art Resin is a two part epoxy resin specially formulated for a strong, durable finish. I use this product specifically to offer my clients a high end, high gloss finish on wood mounted canvases. Creating and selling these pieces for display as hand made fine art for their homes and offices. I create my resin coated pieces completely from start to finish, something very few photographers are doing. I photograph the subject myself, edit the images, have them printed locally on to high end canvas and then I mount and resin coat each piece by hand. I've made this blog post to show the resin process and what it entails, to help give my clients and other artists a feel for the process and dedication involved.

After the piece has cured for 24 hours, I lightly sand the finish and then reapply another coat of the Art Resin. I do this up to four times to achieve a gorgeous, deep gloss that makes my works look as if they were encapsulated in liquid glass. The finished product is durable and absolutely gorgeous. It must be seen and felt in person to be fully appreciated.

You can order your own custom Art Resin piece by emailing me at

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