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Family Photography | My Top 3 Tips for Capturing Connections

One question I am frequently asked is "how do you capture such natural looking connections?". If your family photos currently feel forced, awkward and tense this is the post for you! I love helping fellow photographers expand their horizons by reaching a little out of their comfort zone and learning how to play and have fun during their sessions. One of the best parts of a family session is giving your clients a fun experience. Not only is this what they will remember, it is what they will come back to you for time and time again. So here are my top three tips for capturing connections.

1. Give Simple and Clear Directions

This one takes practice! Get comfortable with saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Know what you want to see each person do, and talk them into their position. For me it sounds something like this...

Mom, I want you to stand up with your right side facing me, Dad I want you to face Mom holding baby on your left hip, Mom I want you to place your left hand around Dad's arm and your right hand on his chest. I want you both to face nose to nose almost touching. Son go stand by mommy and give her leg a hug.

tucson family photographer

2. Physical Contact in Paramount

Looking at one another is great but physical contact between your subjects is supreme. Let them know at the beginning of your session that this is a great time for them to connect and touch. We want hand holding, resting heads on shoulders, touching faces, bodies close and so on.

tucson maternity photographer

3. Interaction

Your families should play with and enjoy one another. Toss those little ones in the air, get down and tickle that toddler, mom kiss dad, dad whisper something funny in mom's ear and make her laugh! Take what these families do at home and have them do it here in front of you. Get past those feelings of vulnerability and help your families have a fun time that you can capture.

Tucson family photographer

I hope you will use these three simple tips at your next session. Feel free to message me and let me know how it went, I love hearing from you!

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