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A Mother's Day to Remember

Mother's Day is a very special holiday for me. Becoming a mother completely changed my path in life, it is also how I went from being a hobbyist photographer to a professional. I was born to be a mother and I never even knew it, motherhood is what my heart always desired and my mind did not realize. Having a child was nowhere to be found in my life plan and I am so glad my life plan was wrong. I am beyond grateful for the bond and strong love my husband and I have for one another and that our son was born out of that. I am so enamored by my son's seemingly never ending energy, free spirt and zest for adventure that celebrating the fact that I helped to create him seems borderline humorous to me. He is so wonderful and pure that I feel like this day should be spent celebrating him! I never planned to be a mother and I hit the jackpot with having Harrison as my son. So today when his father and him proudly present me with my handmade card and his little hands for the first time carry me my gift of chocolates and flowers, I reflect on how truly blessed I am to have these two in my life. Motherhood is such a blessing and a gift that I am so honored to have bestowed upon me.

yuma, arizona lifestyle photographer motherhood

yuma, arizona lifestyle photographer

yuma, arizona lifestyle photographer

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