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Desert Inspiration | Generations | Yuma, AZ

I met with Bee and her mother Chrystal for a fun filled Desert shoot this week inspired by the 1970's. I decided on a sunset shoot with rich golden hour tones and kept my edits deep with softened shadows and sharp highlights.

I really looked forward to this particular photoshoot for the generational aspect of these images. Images that highlight the bond between mother and daughter. Most people interested in professional photography have started their collection with great wedding images or maybe a couple's session. They probably have maternity and newborn photos as well. Yet how many people can say they have heirloom worthy images with their own mother, father, or grandparents? This is what I would love to create more of. I want to capture where you where your life began and where you are at now. Think about who you have to thank for your place in life and then let me capture you together.

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