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LuLaRoe with Richelle Bates

I was recently commissioned for a lovely trip to Riverside, California, where I got to meet and hang out with Richelle of LuLaRoe Richelle Bates VIP.  She had reached out to me to help her create some marketing images specific to her needs as a consultant and I could not have been happier.  I originally heard of LuLaRoe via Facebook over a year ago.  I started where most people new to the brand do, with their trademarked buttery soft leggings and quickly escalated to their signature pencil skirt and fitted dress.  My collection grew as I quickly realized this brand was perfect for my on the go life.  Not only do these items travel well and not wrinkle, but they fit well, hold their shape and last.  I can easily mix and match items to make fun and eclectic outfits that reflect my own personality.  So needless to say when Richelle messaged me with her request, I had to do a bit of a happy dance at the thought of combining my art with LuLaRoe's.

I sat down to ask Richelle a few questions so I could share a little insight into the woman behind this amazing brand. 

Me: Tell me what does it mean to be a California Girl?

Richelle: California has my heart. It's been my home for most of my life, and I wouldn't change it. I can put my toes in the sand on the coast one weekend, and sled down a snowy hill the next. It's warm days and sun kissed cheeks in the summer, and cool Santa Ana winds, jeans and boots come Fall. It's home and a destination all in one.  

M: How did you get involved in selling clothing? Why did you choose LuLaroe?

R: I never really had it in my plans to sell clothing. I've always loved to buy it...I've always love dressing up. When I came across this clothing line, I fell in love. From the "buttery" leggings to the feminine dresses, it made me feel good. I really wanted to be a part of encouraging other women to feel that way too! I've always enjoyed shopping. I can spend hours in a boutique trying on clothes. Though I love the ease of shopping on line, I like to feel the clothes. So after buying a couple LuLaRoe items online I searched for someone local I could support. As I continued to shop I began seeing the impact LuLaRoe not only made on her life, but how it gave her the freedom to bless others through her business. I knew it was for me and started my business soon after.

M: Tell me a little about your home life and your family.

R: I have been married to my best friend, Joe for 19 years. We have an 18 year old son who has 1 year left of high school, and plans to join the military when he graduates next year. Joe and I will be empty nesters at 40. It's crazy! And exciting, and sad. I'll miss my son, but am curious to see who I am when I'm not a full time mom. I'll definitely still be an awesome wife! Haha! I definitely plan to make LuLaRoe a full time career, and a means move closer to the happy place.

M: How does fashion inspire you?

R: I love fashion! It can be very expressive or very understated. I can be whoever I want to be each day with a change of pattern, print, or style. Or I can be everything by bringing them all together. I love that I can choose to represent myself in any way I'd like by just wearing fabric. It's so empowering!

M: What do you want other women to know about LuLaRoe?

R: LuLaRoe offers everything from bold and vibrant, to subtle and charming. It's a clothing line for the masses. It doesn't discriminate or give limits. It's lets you be as expressive or understated as you want to be in any size or shape. And above all it gives women a chance to connect with each other in ways that traditional shopping hasn't ever done. Whether you have an in home pop-up or and online party, women are given a forum to encourage and compliment each other. I've made friends, and I've seen friendships form while women shop. It's pretty amazing!

I couldn't agree more Richelle, I love the way LulaRoe has brought me closer to women all across the country.  I love the clothing, the vibrancy and movement.  I love the quality and comfort, and I enjoy sharing the love with friends all over!  

If you would like to take a look at LuLaRoe through the eyes of an amazing consultant look no further than Richelle Bates.  Richelle is amazingly talented at pairing together outfits and accessories according to your size and specific likes and needs! 

You can find her shop on Facebook at: 

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