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Portrait of a Breastfeeding Mother | Yuma, Arizona | Bellevue | DC

Danielle came to me wanting to capture a moment in time that she knows doesn't last very long.  I decided to ask her a few questions about her breastfeeding journey that we would love to share with you. 

Regina: How do you feel about breastfeeding? 

Danielle: I love breastfeeding. I think its one of the ultimate things you can do to bond with your child. Its a gorgeous intimate relationship between a mother and child that should be cherished. R: What were some things that helped you choose to nurse Harmony? 

D:  I nursed my first for only 2 months. Pressure from family and others, and being a first time mom, ultimately was the reason why I stopped. I was determined to breastfeed my second for longer. The benifits of breastmilk are so beneficial, I wanted to give that to my child.

R: How would you describe your breastfeeding journey? Has it been easy smooth sailing or have there been bumps in the road? 

D: The first month was the hardest. Breastfeeding with the demands of a toddler was exhausting. I thought about stopping many of times, (mostly during those sleepless 3am feedings). After the first month, it was smooth sailing. R: Do you find breastfeeding to be exhausting, relaxing or both? 

D: Both, for sure! Going without sleep is so exhausting, but the 3am feedings were also the ones I cherished. The quiet moments, just her and I, they were so great. There's also nothing quite like laying down and nursing your child after a long day, it can be so rewarding. R: What is something you want to tell a new mother to expect when nursing? 

D: The first month is always the hardest. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes so natural, almost like second nature. The bond you create while breastfeeding, seeing all those squishy rolls you created, theres nothing like it. Every sleepless night is worth it.

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