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Newborn Photography | Yuma, Arizona

If you are starting to follow my work via my blog, welcome!  I am glad to have you alongside on my photo journey.  I would like for you to know a few things about the services I offer.  I am a nationwide portrait photographer that specializes in lifestyle and studio work.  I do not capture events, unless specifically sought after for something that is special and unique.  

I love all kinds of portraiture work, from couples that want me to capture them on an adventure, families both posed and candid, maternity sessions for glowing mothers to be and children of all ages including newborns. 

My work has been featured on sought after blogs like LooksLikeFilm and I have placed as a finalist in the worldwide competition, Shoot and Share.  

Since one of my favorite things to share with my followers is my recent work, I'd love for you to see a recent newborn session, since I have a really fun one coming later this week!

This baby girl and her momma came to my studio looking for something unique and vibrant, yet timeless.  I chose to lay her on this gorgeous mandala tapestry, with bright magenta, pale pink and contrasting green tones. 

I hope you enjoy the images I created and I look forward to sharing my upcoming session as well!

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